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Lust, Desire and Mysticism



Stories have the power to cross time and space. Psychologist Carl Jung theorizes that our experience as a species can be deciphered through symbolisms and commonalities found in mythology and folklore from across the world through the concept of the ‘Collective Unconscious’. The femme fatale archetype is like an evolving species, conjured up and subverted by the patriarchal society through time. Today, the constant reinvention of this feminine psyche routinely shifted from being the villains to the heroes of the story as a source of female empowerment.

This book was born from a desire to visually explore an author illustration project. This project is not a re-edition or a clarification, but an experiment made to provoke through selective extracts of an original work, suggesting a visit to a part of this mystical world of folk stories, the femme fatale and it’s meaningful symbolic implications.